UI/UX and branding project , 2020

New experiential branding for a music festival, which takes place in Poland, the festival is known for electronic experimental music and art performances.

Collaboration with Linor Pinto and Hadar Yemini.

User journey

 We decided that the experience of the festival would be a surprise, we performed an extensive branding that hints at what is going to happen.

The target audience is mainly for fringe people on the assumption that they will pay attention to the branding and be intrigued.

After exposure to advertising, you enter the site and pass a test, only if you have passed you can purchase tickets, if you have not passed you will be satisfied with virtual peepholes, or a peek at the location itself outside the complex. If you have passed, you will be sent a kit with glasses, a tattoo and a postcard, with the help of the glasses and the postcard you are exposed to the full branding of the festival, the tattoo is the entry permit on the day of the event.

 Before the event if you walk around the street with the glasses you will be fully exposed to the extensive branding, you will be able to see everything that others on the street do not see.

At the entrance to the festival, you will enter the recording room, to enter the event itself you will have to make a sound, in the passage through the door you will enter a toilet cubicle and in the mirror, you will create a visual.

At 00:00  the surprise will appear, a sound visual performance consisting of the recordings and the visual created by the participants. At the end of the festival, the lights and glasses go out at once.


Visual language

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